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J. Kaulhausen & Sohn Inh. Christian Krämer e.K.

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JKS is a brand of J. Kaulhausen & Sohn Germany, the world leading German supplier of Aprons & Cots for fibre production applications such as Ring-Spinning, JET-Spinning, Compact-Spinning, Pre-Spinning, Texturizing and Open-End-Spinning. JKS is the worldwide sole producer of Aprons made of rubber and leather. The company was founded in 1872 and since then remains a family-owned enterprise based on tradition, knowledge and reliability.

Produk dan jasa

  • JKS Alupress Cots Shore Hardness 63 to 85°A
  • JKS Rubber Aprons for Ring Spinning
  • JKS Aprons & Cots for Jet Spinning
  • JKS Aprons & Cots for Compact Spinning
  • JKS Aprons & Cots for Texturising
  • JKS Aprons & Cots for OE-Spinning
  • JKS Cots for Pre-Spinning
  • JKS Leather Aprons


JKS Aprons & Cots

JKS Aprons & Cots


J. Kaulhausen & Sohn Inh. Christian Krämer e.K.
Kambachstr. 12
52249 Eschweiler

Telp.: +49 2403 7879-0
Faks.: +49 2403 7879-70

Katrin Arnold
Customer Relation Manager
Telp.: +49 2403 78790

PT. Nuro Mukti Indonesia, Wildan Nugraha
Kp. Sinarmukti 19, 02/04, Desa Selacau
Kec. Batujajar, Kab. Bandung Barat 40561, Jawa Barat

Telp.: +62 22 6868185

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